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Mechatronics Engineering Ph.D. program

Graduates of this Ph.D. program will possess the technical knowledge they need to meet the needs of industry, be proficient in their area of expertise, and will be able to conduct further research in their field. The language of instruction in this Ph.D. program will be English, so that graduates can follow the latest advancements and have a say in the international arena in this field.

The goal of the Mechatronics Engineering Ph.D. program is to give graduates the following knowledge and skills: - Solving of engineering problems by using the interdisciplinary synergetic approach of mechatronics - The ability to design mechatronics products and systems - The ability of using mechatronics approach to analyze and develop existent product or its process - Ability to communicate effectively with other disciplines and the ability to work as part of a team - Application of engineering in accordance with ethical principles - Use of technology with the awareness of its local and global socioeconomically effects - Understands necessity of and applies lifelong learning

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