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Beykoz University aim to build a higher education environment and culture that is integrated with its students, employees and stakeholders, ​and to produce well equipped graduates who will meet the requirements of business world

- educational consultant - أكسيس للخدمات الطلابية - study in turkey - الجامعات في تركيا - الدراسة في تركيا

جامعة بايكوز

Beykoz Core Values

Beykoz University observes the following basic values and principles at the focus of all corporate activities and services;

- Research and generate knowledge

- Academic autonomy, freedom and responsibility

- Student, employee and stakeholder focus

- Participation and sharing

- Creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship

- Respect for human rights and freedoms, pluralism and diversity

- Internationalization in every field

- Social responsibility

- Transparency and accountability

Continuous learning, improvement, development and seeking excellence

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